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SubjectRe: [v4l-dvb-maintainer] [2.6 patch] cx88/saa7134: remove unused -DHAVE_VIDEO_BUF_DVB
Adrian Bunk wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 07, 2006 at 10:36:01AM -0500, Michael Krufky wrote:
>> Adrian Bunk wrote:
>>> This patch removes the unused HAVE_VIDEO_BUF_DVB define.


>> ...We need this in order to allow compilation of the cx88 / saa7134 modules
>> without DVB support. (analog only)
> Ah, you added them in v4l-dvb last year.

You are correct: Tue Oct 11 20:11:34 2005 +0000 (14 months ago);node=56cf49b544f0

> But they are neither in Linus' tree nor in the v4l-dvb git tree that is
> in the latest -mm.

hmm... looks like some changesets never made it over to git from our hg tree.

> Compilation of cx88 and saa7134 without DVB works fine in these trees,
> so what's the story behind this?

It's a bug -- looks like CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB is being enabled, regardless
of whether or not it is selected -- otherwise we'd get other compiler errors,
because both cx88 and saa7134 have dependencies on video-buf-dvb.

VIDEO_BUF_DVB is being build without it's dependency, DVB_CORE -- that is
the only reason why the build is still working, but it sounds unstable to me.

CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB is set inside drivers/media/Kconfig, with zero
dependencies... In fact, VIDEO_BUF_DVB "depends on DVB_CORE" , but
this is not being reflected in Kconfig.

Hmm... looks like a bit of a mess.

The story is much clearer now... Looks like we should in fact apply your
patch, Adrian, but we will also have to make the following additional

- add "depends on DVB_CORE" to the Kconfig entry for VIDEO_BUF_DVB
- convert the #ifdef tests in the hg repository for HAVE_VIDEO_BUF_DVB
to look for the CONFIG_VIDEO_BUF_DVB instead
- generate a patch against Linus' tree that add's these #ifdefs to the
cx88 and saa7134 drivers.

If you dont mind, I'd like to take care of this stuff myself. I will prepare
these patches tomorrow, and I'll have them applied to both our v4l-dvb.hg
repository on, and I'll also ask Mauro to merge them into his git
tree before his next pull request to Linus.

Thanks, Adrian, for pointing out this inconsistency.


Michael Krufky

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