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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.19-git7] sata_promise: new EH conversion, take 2
Mikael Pettersson wrote:
> This patch converts sata_promise to use new-style libata error
> handling on Promise SATA chips, for both SATA and PATA ports.
> * ATA_FLAG_SRST is no longer set
> * ->phy_reset is no longer set as it is unused when ->error_handler
> is present, and pdc_sata_phy_reset() has been removed
> * pdc_freeze() masks interrupts and halts DMA via PDC_CTLSTAT
> * pdc_thaw() clears interrupt status in PDC_INT_SEQMASK and then
> unmasks interrupts in PDC_CTLSTAT
> * pdc_error_handler() reinitialises the port if it isn't frozen,
> and then invokes ata_do_eh() with standard {s,}ata reset methods
> * pdc_post_internal_cmd() resets the port in case of errors
> * the PATA-only 20619 chip continues to use old-style EH:
> not by necessity but simply because I don't have documentation
> for it or any way to test it
> Since the previous version pdc_error_handler() has been rewritten
> and it now mostly matches ahci and sata_sil24. In case anyone
> wonders: the call to pdc_reset_port() isn't a heavy-duty reset,
> it's a light-weight reset to quickly put a port into a sane state.
> The discussion about the PCI flushes in pdc_freeze() and pdc_thaw()
> seemed to end with a consensus that the flushes are OK and not
> obviously redundant, so I decided to keep them for now.
> This patch was prepared against 2.6.19-git7, but it also applies
> to 2.6.19 + libata #upstream, with or without the revised sata_promise
> cleanup patch I recently submitted.
> This patch does conflict with the #promise-sata-pata patch:
> this patch removes pdc_sata_phy_reset() while #promise-sata-pata
> modifies it. The correct patch resolution is to remove the function.
> Tested on 2037x and 2057x chips, with PATA patches on top and disks
> on both SATA and PATA ports.
> Signed-off-by: Mikael Pettersson <>


Now that new EH is in place, I bet hotplug support would be easy....


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