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SubjectRe: [PATCH] usb/hid: The HID Simple Driver Interface 0.4.1 (core)
Hi Dmitry,

> > > > I still have the same objection - the "simple'" code will have to be
> > > > compiled into the driver instead of being a separate module and
> > > > eventyally will lead to a monster-size HID module. We have this issue
> > > > with psmouse to a degree but with HID the growth potential is much
> > > > bigger IMO.
> >
> > I guess that this paragraph wasn't for me, but rather for the author of
> > the HID Simple Driver proposal, am I right?
> Yes, mainly for him but also for you because we need to be able to do
> what Li Yu is trying to do and be able to tweak HID interfaces.
> ...
> > This split is quite painful, as there are many things happening in USB all
> > the time, so the best way seem to be just to perform big split (with
> > needed changes) at once, and then develop other things on top of it (like
> > hidraw).
> Is there any reason why we can't mecanically move everything into
> drivers/hid right now? Then Greg could simply forward all patches he
> gets for HID your way and you won't have hard time merging your work
> with others...

I fully agree. Lets move and split the transports now and start the work
on top of it. My only concern is to have a clean Git tree to the full
history of HID changes stay intact and will trackable. Some quirk
decisions and other stuff is not obvious and I assume will never be when
it comes to broken HID devices.

So do you have pending HID patches. If yes, please sync them with Linus
and Jiri can setup a clean tree for the move.



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