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Subjectext2 future [was Re: -mm merge plans for 2.6.20]

> ext2-reservations.patch
> ext2-fix-reservation-extension.patch
> make-ext2_get_blocks-static.patch
> ext2-balloc-fix-_with_rsv-freeze.patch
> ext2-balloc-reset-windowsz-when-full.patch
> ext2-balloc-fix-off-by-one-against-rsv_end.patch
> ext2-balloc-fix-off-by-one-against-grp_goal.patch
> ext2-balloc-say-rb_entry-not-list_entry.patch
> ext2-balloc-use-io_error-label.patch
> Not for 2.6.20. In fact it's unclear whether this should ever be merged -
> ext2 is more an "example filesytem" nowadays. We'll see.

If ext2 is "example filesystem"... perhaps we should add "no journal"
mode to ext3 or something? We still want high-performance,
not-journalled filesystem, I believe.
(cesky, pictures)
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