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SubjectRe: [patch 2.6.19-rc6] fix hotplug for legacy platform drivers
On Dec 05, David Brownell <> wrote:

> The pushback on $SUBJECT patch. Which amounts to wanting to break hotplug
> for several busses, unless someone (NOT the folk promoting the breakage!)
Please explain in more details how hotplugging would be broken, possibly
with examples.

> There are really two issues here:
> - The "real one", as (yes!) fixed by the $SUBJECT patch. Troublesome legacy
> drivers, like "i82365", written so they can't hotplug ... but the kernel
> hasn't previously known that.
> - The confusion, caused by a false identification of the "i82365" issue
> being a problem related to module aliasing ... instead of being rooted in
> the fact that it's a "legacy style" non-hotpluggable driver, since it
> creates its own device node.

Nonsense. The purpose of $MODALIAS is to allow automatically loading
modules using the information provided by the bus driver.
Because of this reason there is no point for a driver to provide a
$MODALIAS referring to itself. It will only waste resources causing udev
to try loading it again.

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