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SubjectRe: 2.6.19-rc6-mm2
On Tue, 5 Dec 2006, Neil Brown wrote:

> As Andrew correctly pointed out, this bit error is not a RAM problem. It
> is actually the low bit of a counter a spinlock that was decremented
> just before the WARN_ON. So it simply indicates that the inode had
> already been freed, which I think we knew already. Unfortunately I still
> have no idea why that inode had been freed but was still referenced by a
> dentry.... How repeatable as this bug? How did you narrow it down to
> that patch? Did you use git-bisect or something else?

When this happened, I just looked at the broken-out patches in -mm, which
ones touch the md subsystem, found your patch, reverse-applied it, and
this stopped happening.

It seemed to be 100% reproducible - happened on every boot of FC6 system,
so it was probably triggered by some raid/lvm command executed from init
scripts after boot, but I didn't examine it further.

As soon as I get to the machine where this happens, I will try to narrow
it down to the exact userspace command that triggers it and will let you
know (probably this evening).

Jiri Kosina
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