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SubjectRe: Why SCSI module needed for PCI-IDE ATA only disks ?
Ed Sweetman wrote:
> Jeff Garzik wrote:
>> Bernard Pidoux wrote:
>>> I am asking why need to compile the following modules while I do not
>>> have any SCSI device ?
>> libata uses SCSI to provide a lot of infrastructure that it would
>> otherwise have to recreate. Also, using SCSI meant that it
>> automatically worked in existing installers.
>> Jeff
> This confusion could easily be remedied by explaining the requirement in
> the Help output for libata drivers/section. Also, making a dependency
> in the menu (since there is one) or automatically selecting the required
> scsi items when you select a libata driver would seem logical. As it is,
> nothing is said of scsi requirements in menuconfig. Trying to boot a
> machine without compiling the scsi drivers (something you're allowed to
> do) results in a system that boots and initializes the ata busses but
> can't communicate to any of the drives on them, (useless).

You can't select libata drivers without the SCSI core. However, you can
select libata drivers without the SCSI disk (sd) or the SCSI CD (sr)
drivers. However, that's a legitimate configuration as you may have only
hard disks, only CD drives, etc. and there would be no need to build the
other module. This isn't a major problem for most standard
configurations as those drivers are needed to handle things like USB and
FireWire flash drives, external HDs/optical drives, etc. anyway.

Robert Hancock Saskatoon, SK, Canada
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