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SubjectRe: More ARM binutils fuckage
On Tue, Dec 05, 2006 at 07:33:57PM +0000, Russell King wrote:
> There's not much to say about this, other than scream and go hide in the
> corner. ARM toolchains are just basically fscked.
> arm-linux-ld -EL -p --no-undefined -X -o .tmp_vmlinux1 -T
> arch/arm/kernel/ arch/arm/kernel/head.o
> arch/arm/kernel/init_task.o init/built-in.o --start-group
> usr/built-in.o arch/arm/kernel/built-in.o arch/arm/mm/built-in.o
> arch/arm/common/built-in.o arch/arm/mach-versatile/built-in.o
> arch/arm/nwfpe/built-in.o arch/arm/vfp/built-in.o kernel/built-in.o
> mm/built-in.o fs/built-in.o ipc/built-in.o security/built-in.o
> crypto/built-in.o block/built-in.o arch/arm/lib/lib.a lib/lib.a
> arch/arm/lib/built-in.o lib/built-in.o drivers/built-in.o
> sound/built-in.o net/built-in.o --end-group
> Produces no error, but:
> $ arm-linux-nm ../build/versatile/.tmp_vmlinux1 |grep ' U '
> U __divdi3
> U __udivdi3
> U __umoddi3
> Duh.

I'm lead to believe that these are due to gcc issuing .globl directives
for these symbols, but not actually referencing them. Hence the symbol
is marked undefined in the symbol table, but no reloations actually

Hence why the linker (correctly) doesn't fail.

Ergo, no problem. Please ignore the previous mail.

Russell King
Linux kernel 2.6 ARM Linux -
maintainer of:
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