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SubjectRe: 2.6.19 git compile error - "current_is_keventd" [drivers/net/phy/libphy.ko] undefined

>> > Also i686, sparc64. At drivers/net/phy/phy.c:590 is the lone reference to
>> > current_is_keventd in that directory. Still present as of ff51a9...
>> Yeah, I'm waiting for this whole mess to be either explained or reverted.
>> There are apparently bigegr issues with it than just the butt-ugly
>> "current_is_keventd()" crud.
> I am very surprised indeed "the mess" has been applied at all in the
>first place. The conclusion of the discussion a while ago was to sort out
>the issue within libphy. The change should be reverted.

I am more surprised about that "the mess" has not been discovered so
far. Does no one go test compile an allyesconfig/allmodconfig before
actually releasing a kernel to the ftp?

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