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SubjectRe: data corruption with nvidia chipsets and IDE/SATA drives
On Sat, 2006-12-02 17:17:37, Kurtis D. Rader wrote:
> I'm also experiencing silent data corruption on writes to SATA disks
> connected to a Nvidia controller (nForce 4 chipset). The problem is
> 100% reproducible. Details of my configuration (mainboard model, lspci,
> etc.) are near the bottom of this message. What follows is a summation
> of my findings.

Various suggestions (e.g., booting with "acpi=off") have either not helped
or have resulted in a system which won't boot.

Today I replaced the ASUS A8N (nVidia nForce 4 chipset) mainboard and
AMD Athlon 64 CPU with a Intel DP965LT (Intel 965 chipset) and E6600
Duo Core 2 CPU. The SATA disks and cables are unchanged. The case, power
supply, and video card are also unchanged. Not one of the previous tests
now results in corruption.

If anyone (e.g., a nVidia employee) wants to pursue this and can provide
a meaningful action plan I'll be happy to install the problem components
in another case and attempt to gather additional diagnostic data.

Kurtis D. Rader, Linux level 3 support email:
IBM Integrated Technology Services DID: +1 503-578-3714
15300 SW Koll Pkwy, MS RHE2-O2 service: 800-IBM-SERV
Beaverton, OR 97006-6063
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