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Subjectv2.6.19-rt6, yum/rpm
i have released the 2.6.19-rt6 tree, which can be downloaded from the 
usual place:

more info about the -rt patchset can be found on the RT wiki:

this is a fixes-only release. Changes since -rt1:

- fix !PREEMPT_RT build error (reported by Mike Galbraith)

- tracer build fix (from Mike Galbraith)

- latest KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) branch from Avi Kivity

- itimer starvation fix (Thomas Gleixner)

- tracer: fix 32-bit cycles regression (reported by Sergei Shtylyov)

- kernel-rt-devel fix on i686: include asm-x86_64 to allow external
modules (such as FUSE) to build. (reported by Giandomenico De Tullio)

- hrtimers: fix resume bug in migrate_hrtimers() causing possible
memory corruption

- hrtimers: fix jiffy update order in hrtimer_notify_resume() to avoid
time warp after resume

- lockdep: fix irq-disabling buglet causing boot lockup

- seqlock: fix lockdep naming macro

- acpi: keep all other ACPI locks non-raw (some ACPI critical sections
use the SLAB allocator, which is preemptible in -rt)

- netconsole: fix rtl8139_poll_controller() to use _nosync disable

- acpi: mark acpi_gbl_hardware_lock as raw, can be used in C3 idle code

- acpi: fix irq-enable code in drivers/acpi/ec.c (

- x86_64: fix SysRq-L (show all regs via NMI) feature

- new debug helper: ignore_loglevel boot option

- new debug helper: debug_direct_keyboard boot option

- new debug helper: show nmi print callbacks from do_IRQ too

- debug_direct_keyboard fix: turn off lockdep while this hack is

- mark pci_config_lock raw, to fix boot crash

- disable HPET for now, it's not working reliably and causes hangs

- x86_64: fix dump_stack() smp_processor_id() warnings

- make NMI watchdog asserts nondestructive

- i686: restore /proc/interrupts output to upstream format

- fix boot hang due across warm reboots

- fix set_workqueue_thread_prio() bug resulting in boot hang

- e1000: update to driver 7.3.15-k2 to fix latency problem

- tracer updates: use the gtod clocksource for timestamping, to
increase the reliability of latency traces

- tracer feature: trace_use_raw_cycles to force the use of TSC even
if it's not reliable

to build a 2.6.19-rt6 tree, the following patches should be applied:

the -rt YUM repository for Fedora Core 6 and 5, for architectures x86_64
and i686 can be activated via:

cd /etc/yum.repos.d

yum install kernel-rt.x86_64 # on x86_64
yum install kernel-rt # on i686

yum update kernel-rt # refresh - or enable yum-updatesd

(note: it will take 15-30 minutes from now on for the yum repository to
be updated to -rt6)

as usual, bugreports, fixes and suggestions are welcome,

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