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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/02] kexec: Move segment code to assembly files
On 12/5/06, Vivek Goyal <> wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 05, 2006 at 10:37:57PM +0900, Magnus Damm wrote:
> > kexec: Move segment code to assembly files
> >
> > The following patches rearrange the lowlevel kexec code to perform idt,
> > gdt and segment setup code in assembly on the code page instead of doing
> > it in inline assembly in the C files.
> >
> I don't think we should be doing this. I would rather prefer code to
> keep in C for easier debugging, readability and maintenance.

I prefer to write code in C too, but I don't see how wrapping assembly
instructions in inline C makes the code any easier compared to raw
assembly. Either you understand the assembly or you don't.

> > Our dom0 Xen port of kexec and kdump executes the code page from the
> > hypervisor when kexec:ing into a new kernel. Putting as much code as
> > possible on the code page allows us to keep the amount of duplicated
> > code low.
> >
> Is Xen going upstream now? I heard now lhype+KVM seems to be the way.
> Even if it is required, we should do it once Xen goes in.

I am not sure about status of the Xen merging effort. domU seemed to
be the top priority last time I heard something, but this change only
affects dom0 so it is probably even further away.

> You have already moved page table setup code to assembly and we should
> be getting rid of that code too.

This was recommended to me by Eric if I'm not mistaken, but if we can
move out parts of the assembly code to C then that would be great.

> I would rather live with duplicated code than moving more code in assembly
> which can be written in C. Understanding and debugging assembly code
> is such a big pain.

Again, I think that is true for C code - not for inline assembly in C
files. But I guess you are talking about the already merged page table
a patches. My first version implemented the code in C, have a look at
the function create_mapping() which I think is very clear:

The important question IMO is if this should be merged ahead of the
rest of the Xen stuff, and maybe it shouldn't.


/ magnus
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