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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] New firewire stack
Hi Kristian,

> I'm announcing an alternative firewire stack that I've been working on
> the last few weeks. I'm aiming to implement feature parity with the
> current firewire stack, but not necessarily interface compatibility.
> For now, I have the low-level OHCI driver done, the mid-level
> transaction logic done, and the SBP-2 (storage) driver is basically
> done. What's missing is a streaming interface (in progress) to allow
> reception and transmission of isochronous data and a userspace
> interface for controlling devices (much like raw1394 or libusb for
> usb). I'm working out of this git repository:
> but I'll be sending 3 patches for review after this mail: first the
> core subsystem, then the OHCI driver and finally the SBP-2 (SCSI over
> firewire) driver. For people who want to test this out, the easiest
> approach right now is to clone the git repo and run make. This
> requires the kernel-devel RPM on Fedora Core; I'm sure other distros
> have a similar package.

can you please use drivers/firewire/ if you want to start clean or
aiming at replacing drivers/ieee1394/. Using "fw" as an abbreviation in
the directory path is not really helpful.



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