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SubjectRe: [PATCH] make sata_promise PATA ports work
Alan wrote:
> On Mon, 4 Dec 2006 12:47:37 -0700
> Erik Andersen <> wrote:
>> This patch vs 2.6.19, based on the not-actually-working-for-me
>> code lurking in libata-dev.git#promise-sata-pata, makes the PATA
>> ports on my promise sata card actually work. Since the plan as
> Nice, this is pretty much what is needed to polish up the other split
> PATA/SATA cases.

Disagree. Internal libata is set up so that you can have different
ata_port::flags and ata_port::ops for each port, which is what enables
proper hardware sharing between SATA and PATA.

Two things need to happen:

1) probe_ent needs to permit a driver to supply multiple flags/ops
pairs, not just one for the whole driver, and pass that through to the
proper data structures during ata_port init.

2) a VERY FEW details like ->irq_clear() are really ata_host level
hooks, but they live in ata_port_operations because there is no
ata_host_operations. Fix these.

Once those issues are fixed, PATA+SATA can be easily support on the
combinations of hardware that have been desperately wanting it:
sata_promise, sata_sis, sata_via (sata_uli too?)


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