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SubjectRe: Feature request: exec self for NOMMU.
Rob Landley wrote:
> On Wednesday 27 December 2006 1:08 am, Vadim Lobanov wrote:
>> On Wed, 2006-12-27 at 00:51 -0500, Rob Landley wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 27 December 2006 12:13 am, Ray Lee wrote:
>>>> How about openning an fd to yourself at the beginning of execution, then
>>>> calling fexecve later?
>>> I haven't got a man page for fexecve. Does libc have it?
>> It's implemented inside glibc, and uses /proc to execve() the file that
>> the fd points to.

Oh, hmm. Then I think it won't work, will it? I'd assumed fexecve was
implemented in kernel.

> Cute, and I can do that. Assuming /proc is mounted in the chroot
> environment...

Maybe I'm just confused -- wouldn't be the first time -- but if it's
implemented inside userspace, then once you chroot() you won't be able
to execute the path you find via /proc, will you?
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