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SubjectRE: Binary Drivers
On Thu, 21 Dec 2006, David Schwartz wrote:

>> You say "It's rude to not play by our rules". They say "It's rude of
>> you to expect us to change our business model to support your niche
>> market differently from the way we support everyone else." Neither is
>> wrong...
> Honestly, I think it *is* wrong to sell someone a physical product and then
> not tell them how to make it work. If you're not actually selling them the
> physical product but selling them a way to get a particular thing done, then
> don't represent that you're selling them physical product because that would
> presumably include the right to use it any way they wanted provided it was
> lawful.
> How would you feel if you bought a car and then discovered that the
> manufacturer had welded the hood shut? How many people still do their own
> oil changes anyway?

there are cars out there where the owner cannot change or add transmission fluid
(I had a rental car spring a leak and found this out the hard way)

some people like this, some don't. vote with your money

David Lang
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