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    SubjectRe: Network drivers that don't suspend on interface down
    On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 10:08:22PM -0500, Daniel Drake wrote:
    > Matthew Garrett wrote:
    > >Hm. Does the spec not set any upper bound on how long it might take for
    > >APs to respond? I'm afraid that my 802.11 knowledge is pretty slim.
    > I'm not sure, but thats not entirely relevant either. The time it takes
    > for the AP to respond is not related to the delay between userspace
    > sending the siwscan and giwscan ioctls (unless you're thinking of
    > userspace being too quick, but GIWSCAN already returns -EINPROGRESS when
    > appropriate so this is detectable)

    Ah - I've mostly been looking at the ipw* drivers, where giwscan just
    seems to return information cached by the ieee80211 layer. A quick scan
    suggests that most cards behave like this, but prism54 seems to refer to
    the hardware. I can see why that would cause problems.

    > I think it's reasonable to keep the interface down, but then when the
    > user does want to connect, bring the interface up, scan, present scan
    > results. Scanning is quick, there would be minimal wait needed here.

    Yeah, that's true.

    Matthew Garrett |
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