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SubjectRe: [RFC] Include ACPI DSDT from INITRD patch into mainline

>> I'd be willing to bet that most distros have this patch in their kernel.
>> One of those things we can't really live without.
>> What I haven't understood is why it isn't included in the mainline
>> kernel yet.
>it's not that hard ;)
>replacing the DSDT code *while it's live* is just a bad idea. The kernel
>already has a facility to override the DSDT, but that one does it *from
>the start*. Sounds like that one should be used or maybe enhanced a
>little to make it more distro friendly if something is lacking.

Speaking of that, would not it be "cleanest" to load the DSDT between
grub/lilo and the kernel? GRUB can do fs harvesting (lookup) so you
would not even need to recreate an initrd.

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