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    SubjectRe: [new patch 3/3] fs: fix cont vs deadlock patches
    Nick Piggin <> writes:

    >> I see. I guess you need to synchronise your writepage versus this
    >> extention in order to handle it properly then. I won't bother with
    >> that though: it won't be worse than it was before.
    >> Thanks for review, do you agree with the other hunks?
    > Well, Andrew's got the rest of the patches in his tree, so I'll send
    > what we've got for now. Has had some testing on both reiserfs and
    > fat. Doesn't look like the other filesystems using cont_prepare_write
    > will have any problems...
    > Andrew, please apply this patch as a replacement for the fat-fix
    > patch in your rollup (this patch includes the same fix, and is a
    > more logical change unit I think).

    I'm confused. I couldn't track what is final patchset. Anyway, I'll
    see and test your final patchset in -mm.

    OGAWA Hirofumi <>
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