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SubjectRe: 2.6.19 file content corruption on ext3
* Marc Haber <> [2006-12-19 09:51]:
> I do not have a clue about memory management at all, but is it
> possible that you're testing on a box with too much memory? My box has
> only 256 MB, and I used to use mutt with a _huge_ inbox with mutt
> taking somewhat 150 MB. Add spamassassin and a reasonably busy mail
> server, and the box used to be like 150 MB in swap.

FWIW, the ARM box I see this on has only 32 MB memory (and a 133 or
266 MHz CPU). I don't see it on another ARM box (different ARM
sub-arch) with 128 MB memory and a 600 MHz CPU.
Martin Michlmayr
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