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SubjectRe: RFC: PCI quirks update for 2.6.16
On Mon, 2006-12-11 at 00:47 +0100, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> So we have the following situation:
> - 2.6.16 - : problems for Chris
> (and possibly many other people)
> - - : problems for many other people
> (I remember 4-5 bug reports in the kernel
> Bugzilla alone)
> The fix in 2.6.19 was considered suboptimal, and Alan's patch for
> fixing
> this whole issue more properly is currently not even in your tree.

Those 4-5 bug reports should test Alan's patch.
All the problem is detected the correct devices that should be quirked.
In 2.6.16, all ( PCI_VENDOR_ID_VIA, PCI_ANY_ID), in just some.
Still questionable if this quirks is for on-board VIA when interrupts
are in PIC mode, or for all interrupts modes (historically before the
patch to be for IO-APIC and PIC mode, was just for PIC mode, but in that
time IO-APIC wasn't common on PC) .
So with Alan's patch the question is:if a device need to be quirked and
Those 4-5 reports will answer the question, they needs VIA quirks and we
want know is the patch do the right job.
My laptop that need the quirks and I can test it is not available right
now and I am too busy to test on it, sorry.

Sérgio M.B.
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