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    SubjectRe: 2.6.20-rc1-mm1
    Le 17.12.2006 12:07, Damien Wyart a écrit :
    >>> Also, I got panics when unmounting reiser4 filesystems with
    >>> 2.6.20-rc1-mm1 but I guess this is related to your waring about
    >>> reiser4 being broken in 2.6.19-mm1 (even if it is not listed in
    >>> notes for 2.6.20-rc1-mm1)... I attach dmesg and config, but the
    >>> reiser4 panics did not get logged and I am not able to reboot on
    >>> 2.6.20-rc1-mm1 right now. For the moment, I mainly wanted to report
    >>> the xfs messages which seems a bit suspect.
    >> The reiser4 failure is unexpected. Could you please see if you can
    >> capture a trace, let the people at know?
    > Ok, I've handwritten the messages, here they are :
    > reiser4 panicked cowardly : reiser4[umount(2451)] : commit_current_atom (fs/reiser4/txmngr.c:1087) (zam-597)
    > write log failed (-5)
    > [ got 2 copies of them because I have 2 reiser4 fs)
    > I got them mainly when I try to reboot or halt the machine, and the
    > process doesn't finish, the computer gets stuck after the reiser4
    > messages. This is only with 2.6.20-mm1, not 2.6.19-rc6-mm2.

    fix-sense-key-medium-error-processing-and-retry.patch seems to be the culprit.

    Reverting it fix those reiser4 panics for me. Damien, could you confirm please ?

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