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Subject[ANNOUNCE] util-linux-ng

I'm pleased to announce a new "util-linux-ng" project. This project
is a fork of the original util-linux (2.13-pre7).

The goal of the project is to move util-linux code back to useful state, sync
with actual distributions and kernel and make development more transparent end

The short term goals (for 2.13 release):

- remove all NFS code from util-linux-ng
(/sbin/mount.nfs from nfs-utils is replacement)
- remove FS/device detection code
(libblkid from e2fsprogs or libvolumeid is replacement)
- move as much as possible patches from distributions to upstream

Mailing list:


git clone git:// util-linux-ng

[Note, GIT repo contains previous 47 versions of util-linux.]

The mailing list or my private e-mail are open for your patches, ideas and
suggestion. The mailing list is also place where you can help us review


Karel Zak <>
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