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SubjectRe: util-linux: orphan


after few weeks I'm pleased to announce a new "util-linux-ng" project. This
project is a fork of the original util-linux (2.13-pre7).

The goal of the project is to move util-linux code back to useful state, sync
with actual distributions and kernel and make development more transparent end

The short term goals (for 2.13 release):

- remove all NFS code from util-linux-ng
(/sbin/mount.nfs from nfs-utils is replacement)
- remove FS/device detection code
(libblkid from e2fsprogs or libvolumeid is replacement)
- move as much as possible patches from distributions to upstream

Mailing list:


git clone git:// util-linux-ng

[Note, GIT repo contains previous 47 versions of util-linux.]

The mailing list or my private e-mail are open for your patches, ideas and
suggestion. The mailing list is also place where you can help us review

Thanks mostly to Ian Kent, P.H. Anvin. Well, and thanks to Adrian
Bunk for his previous work on this package.


On Thu, Nov 09, 2006 at 11:41:57PM +0100, Karel Zak wrote:
> It really seems that util-linux project is in a bad condition:
> * the latest *major* stable release: 05-Mar-2004 (util-linux-2.12a)
> * the latest *minor* stable release: 23-Sep-2005 (util-linux-2.12r)
> * the latest unstable release: 05-Mar-2006 (util-linux-2.13-pre7)
> * missing source code repository
> * missing web page
> * maintainer (Adrian Bunk) completely ignores mails about this package
> * source code doesn't follow linux kernel, because there isn't any
> development
> * contributors are sending their patches to distributions rather than
> to upstream
> * Red Hat (FC6) has 75 patches for this package (!)
> * Novell has (OpenSuse 10.2) 53 patches for this package (!)
> I'm Red Hat util-linux maintainer (for 2 years) and I'd like to
> change this bad situation. Yes.. I'd like to help. I've already
> talked with Peter Anvin about git repository for this project at
> Also I have feedback from Novell that they agree that the
> current situation is bad and they want to contribute future
> development.
> I've originally thought about util-linux upstream fork, but as
> usually an fork is bad step. So.. I'd like to start some discussion
> before this step. Maybe Adrian will be realistic and he will leave
> the project and invest all his time to kernel only.

Karel Zak <>
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