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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH] Make entries in the "Device drivers" menu individually selectable
Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Dec 2006, Stefan Richter wrote:
>> Works for me, but I don't see a lot of benefit from it. Actually I see
>> two disadvantages of the patch:
> ... snip ...
>> - There are two out-of-tree FireWire drivers for special purposes
>> (one bus sniffer, one remote debugging aid) which might perhaps be
>> candidates for integration into mainline. These drivers do not use
>> the ieee1394 base driver.
> i've noticed this sort of thing before -- submenus containing entries
> that don't actually depend on the top-level config variable. but
> which drivers are you talking about here?

As yet non-existent drivers. (Out-of-tree drivers.)

> i'm looking at the
> ieee1394/Kconfig file and every entry in that submenu appears to
> depend explicitly on IEEE1394.

Correct. What I described is purely hypothetical in case of
drivers/ieee1394. There surely are other submenus with actual
independent entries. But AFAIU you didn't touch such menus of course.

> in any event, as i mentioned earlier, i'm just trying to find a way to
> make the menu entries more obvious and more easily selectable, without
> having to enter each submenu to see what it represents.

Yes, this and the points you made in the other post are definitely valid.
Stefan Richter
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