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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.20-rc1 00/10] Kernel memory leak detector 0.13

it would also be nice to have more information than this:

unreferenced object 0xf76f5af8 (size 512):
[<c0191f23>] memleak_alloc
[<c018eeaa>] kmem_cache_zalloc
[<c03277a7>] probe_hwif
[<c032870c>] probe_hwif_init_with_fixup
[<c032aea1>] ide_setup_pci_device
[<c0312564>] amd74xx_probe
[<c069c4b4>] ide_scan_pcidev
[<c069c505>] ide_scan_pcibus
[<c069bdca>] ide_init
[<c0100532>] init
[<c0105da3>] kernel_thread_helper

it would be nice to record 1) the jiffies value at the time of
allocation, 2) the PID and the comm of the task that did the allocation.
The jiffies timestamp would be useful to see the age of the allocation,
and the PID/comm is useful for context.

plus it would be nice to have a kernel thread (running at nice 19) that
scans everything every 10 minutes or so, which would output some
overview 'delta' information into the syslog, along the lines of:

kmemleak: 2 new object leaks detected, see /debug/memleak for details

that way users could see (and report) new leaks in the dmesg, without
having to do anything. I'd like to enable kmemleak in the -rt yum
kernels, so it all has to be as automatic and as informative as

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