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SubjectRe: Userspace I/O driver core
* Arjan van de Ven ( wrote:
> > I understand one still has to write a kernel driver to shut up the irq.
> > How about writing a small bytecode interpreter to make event than
> > unnecessary?
> if you do that why not do a real driver.

Because perhaps it is potentially very simple - i.e.
if most of these drivers turn out to be:

if (*loc1 & mask)
flag we have an interrupt

then all you actually need to do is provide a way to
specify loc1, mask, loc2 and value. You could provide
a small handful of mechanisms to suit most simple pieces of hardware
and also provide a definition for the hardware designers to say
'if you make your interrupt registers like this then the software
is dead easy'. A bytecode interpreter seems a little overkill
unless you think that two or three levels of that type of test/mask
could cope with 90%+ of the cases.
There are probably lots of people reinventing the wheel for simple IO
boards and the hardware guys will be making it up each time as well.

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