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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.20-rc1
Linus Torvalds wrote:
> Ok, the two-week merge period is over, and -rc1 is out there.
> I'm _really_ hoping that we can keep the 2.6.20 release calmer and without
> any of the dragging-out-due-to-core-changes that we've had lately. We
> didn't actually merge any really core changes here, with the biggest
> conceptual one being the "work_struct" split into regular work and
> "delayed" work, so I'm hoping we can really end up with an easy 2.6.20
> release.
> Some of the commits there are pretty big patches, but more than a couple
> of them are due to fairly straightforward search-and-replace things (like
> a largely scripted removal of unnecessary casts of the return value of
> "kmalloc()", for example, or the switch to "ktermios" for the tty layer,
> or the introduction of "struct path" in the VFS layer instead of keeping
> the f_{dentry,vfsmnt} entries separate, or indeed the removal of SLAB_xxx
> constant names in favour of the standard GFP_xxx ones).
> So while the patch itself isn't actually all that much smaller than usual,
> at least my personal gut feel is that the actual changes are not as
> intrusive, just in some cases have big diffs.
> But both the diffstat and the shortlog are still too big to fit in the
> kernel mailing list limits, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Or
> get the git repo, and do your own delving into things with
> git log v2.6.19..v2.6.20-rc1 | git shortlog
> There _are_ a few areas of note:
> - the aforementioned "workqueue" changes (where we still have some work
> to do to finalize the proper actions on all architectures: it's being
> somewhat discussed on the arch mailing lists, hopefully we'll have it
> all resolved by -rc2, and it doesn't really worry me)
> - lockless page cache (RCU lookups of radix trees)
> - kvm driver for all those crazy virtualization people to play with
> - networking updates (DCCP, address-family agnostic connection tracking
> in netfilter, sparse byte order annotations, yadda yadda)
> - HID layer separated out of the USB stuff (bluetooth apparently wants
> the HID stuff too)
> - tons and tons of driver (ftape removal, ATA, pcmcia, i2c,
> infiniband, dvb, networking..) and architecture updates (arm, mips,
> powerpc, sh)
Did I miss an alternate method of handling ftape devices, or are these
old beasts now unsupported? I occasionally have to be able to handle
that media, since the industrial device using ftape for control updates
cost more than a small house.

I can obviously keep an old slow machine to do the job, but I'd like to
know if I need to.

bill davidsen <>
CTO TMR Associates, Inc
Doing interesting things with small computers since 1979
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