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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] RAIF: Redundant Array of Independent Filesystems
> On Wednesday 13 December 2006 12:47, Nikolai Joukov wrote:
> > We have designed a new stackable file system that we called RAIF:
> > Redundant Array of Independent Filesystems
> Do you have a function similar to an an EMC cloneset? Basicily a cloneset
> tracks what has changed in both the source and target luns (drives). When one
> updates the cloneset the target is made identical to the source. Its a great
> way to do backups. Its an important feature to be able to write to the target drives.
> I would love to see this working at a filesystem level.

Well, if you mount RAIF over your file system and a for-backups file
system, RAIF can replicate the files on both of them automatically. I
guess that's what you need.

Nikolai Joukov, Ph.D.
Filesystems and Storage Laboratory
Stony Brook University
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