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SubjectRe: Userspace I/O driver core
Greg KH wrote:
> A large number of people have expressed interest recently in the
> userspace i/o driver core which allows userspace drivers to be written
> to handle some types of hardware.
> Right now the UIO core is working and in the -mm releases. It's been
> rewritten from the last time patches were posted to lkml and is much
> simpler. It also includes full documentation and two example drivers
> and two example userspace programs that test those drivers.
> But in order to get this core into the kernel tree, we need to have some
> "real" drivers written that use it. So, for anyone that wants to see
> this go into the tree, now is the time to step forward and post your
> patches for hardware that this kind of driver interface is needed.

> If anyone has any questions on how to use this interface, or anything
> else about it, please let me and Thomas know.

I understand one still has to write a kernel driver to shut up the irq.
How about writing a small bytecode interpreter to make event than

The userspace driver would register a couple of bytecode programs:
is_interrupt_pending() and disable_interrupt(), which the uio framework
would call when the interrupt fires.

The bytecode could reuse net/core/filter.c, with the packet replaced by
the mmio or ioregion, or use something new.

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