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SubjectRe: Interphase Tachyon drivers missing.
>>>>> "Eike" == Rolf Eike Beer <> writes:

Eike> Am Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2006 17:51 schrieb
>> I'm not sure about the driver being cpqfc, I know in 2.6.0 & 1 the
>> driver was definitely iphase.c/h/o I do know the chipset was used
>> by almost everyone, Compaq/HP/DEC and Interphase's namebrand cards.
>> I also know that the driver is still working in 2.4.33 my slackware
>> 11 default kernel picked up the card, which suprised me to say the
>> least... I won't have time to spend a weekend on it until about
>> christmas. {or probably christmas day is more likely} Even then I
>> can't make any kind of promise that I can do anything useful about
>> it...

Eike> Ok, than we're likely talking about different things. Maybe just
Eike> another driver for that chipset. If I'll ever find some time
Eike> I'll have a look on this one too.

The ip5526 driver was removed way back due to lack of interest. It
only drove a limited set of cards from one vendor.

The interphase cards used a "real" Tachyon (HPFC-5000) chip. The
controllers we usually discuss in the context of cpqfc have TachLite
(HPFC-51xx and later).

Tachyon is a really old chip and it's not completely compatible with
TachLite from a programming perspective. It also doesn't have
contemporary features like - cough - PCI-support. The
GSC/EISA/PCI/whatever glue chip was vendor-specific.

I'm sure the ip5526 driver could be revived -- it's not very big. But
I doubt there are many cards out there that haven't been scrapped.

Martin K. Petersen
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