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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.19-git19] BUG due to bad argument to ieee80211softmac_assoc_work
Michael Bommarito wrote:
> Hello Uli,
> Yes, apologies, I had been waiting for an abandoned bugzilla entry
> to get attention, and when I realized it was assigned to a dead-end, I
> had simply posted the patch without checking for prior messages.
> I was further confused by the fact that it hadn't made its way into
> any of the 19-gitX sets (and for that matter, the window for
> 2.6.20-rc1 has come and gone and this still remains unfixed), despite
> how clear the error was and how trivial the fix seems.

I was not aware that a bugzilla entry existed for this problem. I learned about it when my system
would hang on bootup if the bcm43xx card was installed. By bisection, I learned which commit was
causing the problem. About that time, the complete fix was discussed on the netdev and bcm43xx
mailing lists. I was a little perturbed that only part of the fix was accepted into 2.6.19-gitX.

The full fix was pushed to John Linville on Dec. 10, who pushed it on to Jeff Garzik on Dec. 11. I
have not yet seen any message sending it on to Andrew Morton or Linus.

A bug fix will always be accepted, particularly one that only changes 2 lines - it is only a new
feature that will no longer be accepted once the -rc1 stage is reached. If this message doesn't do
the trick and it isn't included by -rc2, I'll ping Jeff to see what happened. Changes always take
longer than one likes, but one needs to be careful.


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