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Subject[patch 0/4] /proc/kmsg permissions, take three
Here's a re-revised version of my patch set to allow klogd to drop
privileges and continue reading from /proc/kmsg (currently, even if klogd
has a legitimately opened fd on /proc/kmsg, it cannot read from it unless
it has CAP_SYS_ADMIN asserted). SELinux's pickier and finer-grained
privilege rules for /proc/kmsg are unchanged.

The major change from the previous patchset
[q.v. ] is that,
as Arjan van de Ven requested, the new header linux/klog.h contains only
userspace-visible definitions (the constants for sys_syslog()). Thanks to
Alexey Dobriyan for telling me the proper place to put the KLOGSEC_*
constants (now renamed LSM_KLOG_* in keeping with other such constants).
They have also been rediffed versus yesterday's git. They should be
applied in sequence; each step compiles, and the complete set has been
booted and tested to work as intended.

Any comments, as usual, appreciated. I would very much like to see this
in 2.6.20.


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