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SubjectRe: [PATCH/RFC] CodingStyle updates
Scott Preece wrote:
>> Outside of comments, documentation and except in Kconfig, spaces are
>> never
>> used for indentation, and the above example is deliberately broken.
> ---
> I realize it isn't text you added, but what's that supposed to mean?
> Surely the 8-character indents are made up of spaces. Does it mean

No, the 8-character indents are made of one ASCII TAB character.

> "spaces other than 8-space blocks"? In any case, how does it synch
> with the following chapter's statement that continuations " are placed
> substantially to the right" - isn't that done with spaces, too?

That's usually (preferably) done with tab(s). Sometimes it is done
with a few spaces instead. (and we put up with it :)

> Or am I just totally spacing out on what was meant?

I take [1] to mean that this example:

if (condition) do_this;

is broken in at least 3 ways:
1/ do_this(); should be on a separate line;
2/ do_something_everytime() should not be indented more than the "if"
above it; and
3/ *if* do_something_everytime() were to be indented more than it is,
it should be done with a tab, not spaces.

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