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SubjectRe: Interphase Tachyon drivers missing.
Am Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2006 17:51 schrieb
> I'm not sure about the driver being cpqfc, I know in 2.6.0 & 1 the
> driver was definitely iphase.c/h/o
> I do know the chipset was used by almost everyone, Compaq/HP/DEC and
> Interphase's namebrand cards.
> I also know that the driver is still working in 2.4.33 my slackware 11
> default kernel picked up the card, which suprised me to say the least...
> I won't have time to spend a weekend on it until about christmas. {or
> probably christmas day is more likely} Even then I can't make any kind
> of promise that I can do anything useful about it...

Ok, than we're likely talking about different things. Maybe just another
driver for that chipset. If I'll ever find some time I'll have a look on this
one too.

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