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SubjectRE: GPL only modules [was Re: [GIT PATCH] more Driver core patches for 2.6.19]

> And there's also the common misconception all costumers had enough
> information when buying something. If you are a normal Linux user and
> buy some hardware labelled "runs under Linux", it could turn out that's
> with a Windows driver running under ndiswrapper...

That is something that I think is well worth fixing. Doesn't Linus own the
trademark 'Linux'? How about some rules for use of that trademark and a
'Works with Linux' logo that can only be used if the hardware specifications
are provided?

Let them provide a closed-source driver if they want. Let them provide
user-space applications for which no source is provided if they want. But
don't let them use the logo unless they release sufficient information to
allow people to develop their own drivers and applications to interface with
the hardware.

That makes it clear that it's not about giving us the fruits of years of
your own work but that it's about enabling us to do our own work. (I would
have no objection to also requiring them to provide a minimal open-source
driver. I'm not trying to work out the exact terms here, just get the idea


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