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SubjectRe: GPL only modules [was Re: [GIT PATCH] more Driver core patches for 2.6.19]
On Thu, Dec 14, 2006 at 04:33:47PM +0000, Alan wrote:
> > The trick is to let a lawyer send cease and desist letters to people
> > distributing the infringing software for 1 Euro at Ebay.
> Doesn't that sound even more like the music industry ? Pick on Grandma,
> and people who've no clue about the issue. It's not the way to solve such
> problems. The world does not need "The war on binary modules". Educate
> people instead, and talk to vendors.
> Save the atomic weapons for the people who are straight forward ripping
> off work in routers, tvs and all sorts of appliances.

I'm not saying that I would do it, but it's the way how it would be
done if anyone would do it.

It's not about whether that would be good or bad, the point is that the
ones that will most likely be affected if anyone will ever take legal
actions will not be the big distributions but people selling their old
distributions on Ebay or people operating mirrors.

Cease and desist letters are a lucrative business for lawyers here in
Germany, and such grey areas are simply a timebomb waiting for lawyers
and/or people wanting to harm Linux to (ab)use them.

> Alan



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