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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Clarify i386/Kconfig explanation of the HIGHMEM config options
Theodore Tso wrote:
>> + 1 Gigabyte or more total physical RAM, answer "off" here.
> I don't think your proposed wording (1 gigabyte or more) versus (more
> than 1 gigabyte) doesn't really change the sense of this.
> If we want to be even more explicit about this, then if the CPU level
> selected by the user is greater than Pentium-M (or whatever is was the
> oldest CPU that didn't have NX support --- Arjan?) we shouldn't offer
> this choice at all, and force CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G. We can give the user
> a choice if CONFIG_EMBEDDED is enabled, but otherwise, if the CPU
> level is new enough, I think we can safely make the argument that for
> nearly all systems, they have enough memory and speed that perhaps we
> should just simply always use HIGHMEM64G.

CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G is not a good name for PAE, which is a feature that
enables both large physical memory and nx.

IMO we should have CONFIG_PAE, selected by either CONFIG_HIGHMEM64G or a

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