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SubjectRe: Meaning of keycodes unclear
Florian Festi wrote:
> I am looking for the meaning of the following key codes as #defined in
> include/linux/input.h. I need to know what hardware produces the keycode
> and what happens/should happen when the corresponding key is pressed.

Thanks for all you comments! They helped a lot.
The meaning for some keycodes is still missing, though:

* KEY_ARCHIVE, KEY_FILE, KEY_DIRECTORY - What's the difference here?
* KEY_ISO - somehow related to KEY_KATAKANAHIRAGANA ??? (mapped to same
scancode in rawmode emulation)
* KEY_QUESTION - what's the difference to KEY_INFO and KEY_SEARCH?
* KEY_SCREEN - switch between 4:3 and 16:9 ???

> I am currently trying to make all special keys just work by fixing the
> whole keyboard/input stack from the kernel up to the desktop
> environments. On part of this effort is to complete the mappings applied
> to the keys during their way up.

Thanks again

Florian Festi

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