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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.20-rc1

On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, Gene Heskett wrote:
> Ok, one not so silly Q (IMO) from the resident old fart. I saw, sometime
> in the past week, a relatively huge ieee1394 update go by. And I have
> some issues with the present 2.6.19 version causeing segfaults and kino
> go-aways when trying to capture from my firewire movie camera. Problems
> occur when trying to control the camera from kino.
> Is this patchset in this -rc1? If it is, I'll see if I can get a build to
> work and check it out.

-rc1 does include a reasonably big firewire update, but I'm not sure how
it will affect your camera usage. In fact, the ieee1394 people seem to be
trying to deprecate the dv1394 stuff, in favour of just raw1394 and
user-mode libraries.

I think you can tell Kino to use either the DV or the raw interface, but
I'm not sure. If you can, try either. The raw interface seems to be
horribly misdesigned (security problems), but is the one to use.

But by all means, give it a shot, and regardless of whether it works
better or not, you might want to cry on the shoulder of Stefan Richter
<> about the issues you see.. Of course, please
talk to the Kino people too (although I have absolutely no idea who they
would be).


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