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    SubjectRe: [stable] [PATCH 46/61] fix Intel RNG detection
    * dean gaudet ( wrote:
    > just for the public record (i already communicated with Jan in private
    > mail on this one)... i have a box which hangs hard starting at
    > and 2.6.19 -- hangs hard during the intel hw rng tests (no sysrq
    > response). and the hang occurs prior to the printk so it took some
    > digging to figure out which module was taking out the system.
    > Jan's patch gets the box past the hang... it seems like this should be in
    > at least the next 2.6.19.x stable (and if there's going to be another
    > 2.6.18.x stable then it should be included there as well).

    Thanks for the data point. I wonder if you get SMI and never come back.
    Do you boot with no_fwh_detect=1 or -1?

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