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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] RAIF: Redundant Array of Independent Filesystems

>We have designed a new stackable file system that we called RAIF:
>Redundant Array of Independent Filesystems.
>Similar to Unionfs, RAIF is a fan-out file system and can be mounted over
>many different disk-based, memory, network, and distributed file systems.
>RAIF can use the stable and maintained code of the other file systems and
>thus stay simple itself. Similar to standard RAID, RAIF can replicate the
>data or store it with parity on any subset of the lower file systems. RAIF
>has three main advantages over traditional driver-level RAID systems:
>1. RAIF can be mounted over any set of file systems. This allows users to
> create many more useful configurations. For example, it is possible to
> replicate the data on the local and remote disks, and stripe the data on
> the local hard drives and keep the parity (or even ECC to tolerate
> multiple failures) on the remote server(s). In the latter case, all the
> read requests will be satisfied from the fast local disks and no local
> disk space will be spent on parity.

As for striping on a simplistic level, look at the Equal File
Distribution patch for unionfs :-)

Files are stored normally so that after the union is unmounted, the
files appear in one piece (unlike real RAID0 over two block devices).

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