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SubjectRe: [patch 2.6.19-git] watchdog: at91_wdt build fix
Hi David,

> > See also Andrew Victor's patch (dated 04/Dec/2006) in the
> > linux-2.6-watchdog tree. It's indeed the at91rm9200_wdt, the mpcore_wdt
> > and the omap_wdt that are affected by the miscdev changes
> I was just following the "fix brown paper bags ASAP" policy.
> One that seems followed less closely than usual in the current
> kernel tree. :(

Hmmmm, if I re-read this then my original message wasn't really clear...
I actually wanted to say that I already included Andrew's patches and
because of that I didn't add your patches also. Sorry about that.
But you're right: we need to fix things as soon as possible.

> Hmm, I'm a bit surprised that not all the watchdog drivers have
> this issue. Is the problem that most of them don't actually
> adhere to the driver model ... that is, most don't have any kind
> of (platform or other) device backing the watchdog?

Most of them don't have the driver model yet and those who have
don't use the miscdev as a "parent". But this is on the roadmap
as part of the conversion to the generic watchdog structure.
(Hmm, I need to talk to Rudolf Marek again and continue our
conversation about the generic watchdog functionsi -> will do
that tomorrow).


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