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SubjectRe: [PATCH] group xtime, xtime_lock, wall_to_monotonic, avenrun, calc_load_count fields together in ktimed
Andrew Morton a écrit :
> hm, the patch seems to transform a mess into a mess. I guess it's a messy
> problem.
> I agree that aggregating all the time-related things into a struct like
> this makes some sense. As does aggregating them all into a similar-looking
> namespace, but that'd probably be too intrusive - too late for that.

Hi Andrew, thanks for your comments.

I sent two patches for the __attribute__((weak)) xtime_lock thing, and
calc_load() optimization, which dont depend on ktimed.

Should I now send patches for aggregating things or is it considered too
intrusive ? (Sorry if I didnt understand your last sentence)

If yes, should I send separate patches to :

1) define an empty ktimed (or with a placeholder for jiffies64, not yet used)
2) move xtime into ktimed
3) move xtime_lock into ktimed
4) move wall_to_monotonic into ktimed
5) move calc_load.count into ktimed
6) move avenrun into ktimed.
7) patches to use ktimed.jiffies64 on various arches (with the problem of
aliasing jiffies)

Thank you

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