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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4] atl1: Revised Attansic L1 ethernet driver

Vasco <> ha scritto:
> I've got the p5B-E board to with the onboard attansic l1.
> I did the the atl1-2.0.2 patch against the 2.6.19.rc6 kernel.

there has been another iteration of the driver.

> I can confirm the card is working but performance is *really* bad, 200Kb/s
> over Gbit LAN.
> I tried copying a ~50MB file over SSH and it didn't complete because of a
> connection stall.
> I also tried turninig off TSO as adviced, but i got the message "operation
> not supported".

Hum, did you tried:

ethtool -K tso off eth0

Anyway the new version of the driver keeps TSO off by default, so it
should be fine.
I'm attaching what I'm using here (2.0.3 + my MSI patch).

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