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SubjectRe: virtual cache, TLB, and OS
xu feng wrote:
> I am just confused about the author:
> 1- first point, why the cache has to be bothered by
> the change in the address logical-physical mapping
> since it is a virtual cache??

If you:

1. mmap file A at virtual address X
2. use memory at X
3. mmap file B at X
4. look at X

If its a virtual cache, and it wasn't flushed at step 3, then step 4
will see A's contents rather than B's.

> 2- could you please give me a situation where two
> virtual addresses from the same process are mapped to
> the same physical address?
> i can't see this happening since each process page is
> allocated a dedicated frame.

If you mmap a file multiple times, then the kernel will assign multiple
different virtual addresses for the same page cache page(s).

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