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    SubjectRe: new procfs memory analysis feature
    On Fri, 8 Dec 2006, Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:

    > I looked at implementing linear pagetable mappings for x86 as a way of
    > getting rid of CONFIG_HIGHPTE, and to make pagetable manipulations
    > generally more efficient. I gave up on it after a while because all the
    > existing pagetable accessors are not suitable for a linear pagetable,
    > and I didn't want to have to introduce a pile of new pagetable
    > interfaces. Would the PTI interface be helpful for this?

    Yes. The PTI is a useful vehicle for experimentation with page tables.
    The PTI has two components. The first component provides for architectural
    and implementation independent page table access. The second component
    provides for architecture dependendent access, but I have only done this
    for IA64. However, abstracting out the page table implementation for the
    arch dependent stuff on x86 would enable experimentation with
    implementing linear page table mappings for x86, while leaving
    the current implementation in place as an alternative page table.


    Paul Davies
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