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SubjectRe: RFC: PCI quirks update for 2.6.16

On Mon, 11 Dec 2006, Adrian Bunk wrote:
> If life was that easy... ;-)

No. Life _is_ that easy.

If the 2.6.16 stable tree took a patch that was questionable, and we don't
know what the right answer to it is from the _regular_ tree, than the
patch violated the stable tree rules in the first place and should just be

Once people know what the right answer is (and by "know", I mean: "not
guess") from the regular tree having been tested with it, and people
understanding the problem, then it can be re-instated.

But if you're just guessing, and people don't _know_ the right answer,
then just revert the whole questionable area. The patch shouldn't have
been there in the first place.

It really _is_ that simple.

Either it's a stable tree or it isn't.

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