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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] New firewire stack
Stefan Richter wrote:
> Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
>> I'm not changing it just yet, but I'm not too attached to fw_
>> and I think that ieee1394_ will work better. The modutil tools
>> already use ieee1394 for device_id tables.
> [...]
> Alas the length of "ieee1394_" gets in the way of readability.

It's not too bad and it's only for exported symbols:

[krh@dinky fw]$ grep EXPORT *.c | wc -l

and using the same prefix as the device_id struct will be nice. When I
submitted the ieee1394_device_id patch I originally proposed hpsb_device_id,
but nobody knew what that meant so we went with the ieee1394_device_id we have
now. Oh, and net/ieee80211 uses ieee80211 as prefix, so it wont be the
longest subsytem prefix :). Plus I want to go throught the list of exported
symbols, some of the names can be trimmed a bit.

Having said that, using drivers/firewire and the fw_ prefix, as Marcel
suggests, works too. It's what bluetooth and infiniband does, so there is
some precedence there.

> I would therefore prefer "fw_" or "hpsb_" over any of the other suggestions
> made here:
> - ieee1394_ makes sense in linux/mod_devicetable.h but is too long
> otherwise.
> - fiwi_, frwr_, and fwire_ are artificial abbreviations which come very
> unnatural. (fw_ is an artificial abbreviation too but is not as awkward
> as the others. hpsb_ is not just an abbreviation, it is an established
> acronym of the canonical name of the bus.)

Oh, I don't know... for the longest time I didn't know what hpsb meant, and
high performance serial bus is pretty generic sounding... are we talking about
usb, sata, ieee1394 or rs232? Ok, I guess rs232 is neither hp or b. But
seriously, except for the current stack, I've never seen the hpsb abbreviation
used much.


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