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SubjectRe: stuck in generic_file_aio_write()


> > I've got a machine which occasionally locks up. I can still sysrq it from
> > a serial console, so it's not entirely dead.
> >
> > A sysrq-t learns me that it's got a large number of httpd processes stuck
> > in D state :
> There are known deadlocks in generic_file_write() in kernels up to and
> including 2.6.17. Pagefaults are involved and I'd need to see the entire
> sysrq-T output to determine if you're hitting that bug.

It's rather large, but for those who want to look at it :

There is also a dump from a day later, but halfway the Areca controller
decided to kick out the array, on which a lot of unwritten data needed to
be written :)

That dump is at



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